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Picture 9/30: Wedding Ring

September 30(picture 273 of 365)

That's my wedding ring.
It went on my finger back in 1997.
It's only been off my finger 1 time in the last 17 years, due to fracturing my elbow.

That ring represents a commitment, a vow, an irrevocable promise.
No matter how hard times may get, the promise I made on that 1997 day stick.
That's the love that I have for my wife.
That's the love that I have for my kids.
That's the example that I want to set for others to follow.

Too many people get divorced.  Over really stupid reasons.  Not even thinking about the weakness that shows to their friends, family, kids, etc.
Plus, to everyone who attended their wedding and heard the vow, divorce makes them a liar.

Folks today need more backbone.   See the marriage covenant as "we" not "me". Quit getting married over stupid puppy love.
Marriage is so very big. Unfortunately, many who get married are so very small.
Out for now......

Are Farmers Rich?

Are farmers rich?
What an interesting question.

Read this excerpt: Apparently, tons of people want to know if farmers are rich.  And I think the answer is, no.  They are rich in all the things that matter, but are pretty middle class.  They just deal with a lot of money coming in AND a lot of money going out.  And all that money coming in looks like a lot if you don’t know the whole story.
The whole story?
Well, maybe not 100% whole -- but pretty darn close.
Here you go, from the Illinois Corn Growers:
Out for now......

Picture 9/29: Leader of 61933

September 29(picture 272 of 365)
Who's this guy?

The leader of 61933.
The FIRST leader of 61933.
61933 = Kansas Illinois.  My hometown,
That's Bill.  Or Will.  Or Willie.
William Juntgen. The first Village President of Kansas Illinois. (1871)
Of course, he was long gone before Kansas became identified as 61933 (zip codes were set-up in 1963).

I was doing some research and came across the pic.  
Thought he might like a little spotlight here on Mattchat.  ;)
Out for now......

Mailman Mayo

Did you know that the U.S. Postal Service has been delivering groceries ?
The Postal Service has been conducting a 60-day trial with Amazon in San Francisco, where it is delivering prepacked groceries early in the morning.  The Postal Service said it is delivering an average of 160 totes of groceries each day to 38 San Francisco-area ZIP Codes between 3 a.m. and 7 a.m. Each address receives an average of between one and four totes, which resemble insulated book bags.
Now, they want to expand these grocery services to more cities:

Basically, they're trying to venture into any type of business they can in a desperate attempt to stay afloat.
Mayo from the mailman. Nice.
I sure hope they deliver my carrots quicker than that thing I ordered off eBay.
Out for now.....

Picture 9/28: Oreana Raingauge

September 28 (picture 271 of 365)
We spent a couple hours today up in Clinton at the Apple and Pork Festival.
Every year, it keeps getting better and better -- especially the flea market area out by the Dairy Queen.

While there, I spotted this "relic" which relates to a business that used to be in our little village:

It was $6, so I decided to pass-up buying it.  But it was neat to see something from a long-gone Oreana business.
Out for now.....

Picture 9/27: Decatur House

September 27 (picture 270 of 365)
If there's 1 house that defines Decatur, it's this one:

The Transfer House.
(I've shared previously here on Mattchat about the history of this amazing structure and some of my thoughts about the Transfer House:

I found this really cool Transfer House pin today at a garage sale for 25 cents.
A great add to my collection of Decatur stuff.
Out for now.....

Flea Market Convos

The best thing about flea markets is "the hunt" -- searching for that diamond in the rough, that needle in a haystack, that super bargain.
Fellow flea marketers..... agree? 

In my opinion, the second-best thing about flea markets is getting the opportunity to interact with the vendors.
Howdy them. Discuss the weather. Ask how the weekend has been going, as far as sales and "people traffic". Find out more about their stuff.
That sort of thing.

At the Finders Flea Market in Mt. Zion today, I had very interesting and enriching convos with a couple of the vendors.  I won't post their names here, but if they should ever come across this Mattchat post, they will know I'm talking about them.

First off, the 60-something guy wearing the Cardinals shirt.  Watching over the furniture at his wife's booth.  I'll refer to him as "Red".
The conversation kicked-off by me asking Red if he had stayed up late last night watching the end of the Cardinals win…

Picture 9/26: Scavenger Lists

September 26(picture 269 of 365) 
Tomorrow, we are going to the flea market down in Mt. Zion.
I believe this is the first year it's being held -- once a month, if I understand correctly.

Based on prior experiences with our little ladies, flea markets sometimes aren't as enjoyable for them as for us.
So, we're trying something new this time.... make it a little more fun/interactive for them (hopefully).

We shall see.......
Out for now.....

Suffering Waterways

Things our government continues to refuse to act upon:
- bridge safety/integrity - border security - pension reform - balanced budget - national debt - corruption amongst the ranks - term limits - aging utility infrastructure (electrical grid, gas lines, etc.)

And here's another..... the waterways in the U.S.

No one can fully grasp how damaging.... how crippling.... it would be for our nation's economy if there were to be a complete failure of one of the locks on the Mississippi River.
Loss of navigation.
Loss of ability to get ag products to market.
Loss of ability to get inputs up the river.  Think about it.... coal for power plants, salt for winter roads, and on and on.
Shipping company lay-offs.
Massive flooding downstream.
It would be so devastating on so many levels.

I read these 2 articles this week. Take a look at them and be concerned, as I am.
Deferred maintenance left deferred for too long leads to collapse.…

Picture 9/25: Deck at Night

September 25
(picture 268 of 365)
It's night in the backyard.
Construction of our deck continues.....

Roof is now done.  Decking comes next.
Out for now......

Irritations Can Be Blessings

We all experience them.
Not the "bug bite type" of irritation, but rather the type of irritation that comes from other folks doing irritating things.

Paul Osborne from the Decatur Tribune wrote a great piece about irritations.
And how irritations can often end up being blessings in disguise.
Take a read thru his words below.
And remember to stay just a little bit calmer the next time someone irritates you.
Out for now.....

Sometimes, Irritations Are Blessings In Disguise by Paul Osborne, Decatur (IL) Tribune
ONE recent Saturday I jumped in the newspaper’s cargo van and headed for a service station to fill up the gas tank before one of our employees would use it to haul Tribunes on Wednesday. 
I had a lot to do that day and the interruption to take the time to fill up the newspaper cargo van was going to make the day even busier.
So, I drove the van up to the only pump available, which was behind another car.

After the driver of the other car finished filling the…

Picture 9/24: Dirty Gourds

September 24(picture 267 of 365) 
I got home from work and this was on the driveway:

Dirty gourds!
The lovely Mrs. Honnold was working thru them, scrubbing off the dirt, grime, and mold.
She had come home from the pumpkin patch with a whole bag full of them.
Amazingly, she got them for free.
Imagine that..... they didn't want their dirty gourds.
Out for now.....

Oreana Loves Farmers

Oreana Illinois.

The heartland of Illinois.  The heartland of America.

Farmers rock!
Out for now......

Picture 9/23: Taurus Trashcan

September 23
(picture 266 of 365) 
Over the weekend, one of my daughters did an AWESOME job cleaning the inside of my car.
Shop-vac. Wipe-down. Windows. Looks great!
She also gave me this:

A trashcan. For my car.
I've never had a trashcan in my car.

I think she's trying to tell me something.
Out for now.....

Top 1%

You've no doubt heard all the talk about "The 1%", right?
This is the group of individuals who thru one means or another (many of them by working hard and by being wise stewards of their resources) have been successful in life to the point where their income is higher than 99% of the rest of the country.
Many of these folks are businessfolk, job creators, inventors, investors, entrepreneurs.  Being successful.  Doing something with their lives.  Building and supporting our nation.  Living the American dream.
They are really taking it on the chin from the Obama administration, the Democratic establishment, and the media.
Being punished, tarnished, beaten-down because others are jealous of what the 1% has been able to achieve in life.
Jealousy is a dangerous thing.  Doesn't take much at all to turn into rage.  And from there, it gets very ugly.

Anyway, here is an article that explains how much annual income a person has to make in order to be considered part of "…

Picture 9/22: Red Phone

September 22
(picture 265 of 365)
This sits in our TV room: 

It belongs to my wife.  
Part of her decor.
I have no idea where she got it at.
Nor do I know whose phone number that is.

Using an internet search, I found out the following:
The number is supposedly an AT&T Wireless mobile phone.
Hmmmmm.... if that's right, the number has obviously been reassigned.

The number is registered to an address in Hooks Texas.
I won't publish the address here on MattChat, but I was able to determine that the residence is 1,606 sq ft and sits on a 0.98 acre lot.
The house has an estimated value of $105,300 and last sold on 5/30/2012.

Seriously folks..... I am not making this up.  There is a crapload of data out on the internet.
Including an aerial photo of the house. And the 0.98 acre.
Maybe I should call and introduce myself.  Or text them a picture of "their" phone.
Out for now.....

Picture 9/21: Insect Prayer

September 21
(picture 264 of 365)
This little guy was hanging out on our front porch this afternoon:

Praying away.
And making really funny faces at me.
Out for now.....

IL County Fairs Vanish

Macon County did not have a county fair this summer.
First time it was missed in like 150+ years.

Long story short.... management of the 2013 fair was a disaster, creating a debt hole that's still being dug out of.
Plus, fair attendance has been dwindling for several years now.
Read more:

Just out this week..... The Macon County Fair (or should I say, the lack of a Macon County Fair) is featured in a story from the Chicago Tribune.
Sounds like county fairs everywhere are struggling, especially with cuts in funding from the state government:

County fairs use to be all the rage.  A huge deal.
More and more, they are disappearing into history.  And not many folks really seem to care.
With their disappearance, a little piece of Americana disappears too.

Picture 9/20: Garage Sale'ing

September 20(picture 263 of 365)
Today was village-wide garage sales here in town.
I walked around with my 3 ladies, plus a couple neighbor girls.  And was even asked at one point if all 5 were mine.  YIKES
Here's what I picked up:

- awesome Farm Progress Show coaster set - ethanol can koozie - keychain - Coca-Cola ring frisbee - Cardinals rope necklace - Stratus coffee mug
$2.50 total.
Big spender.
Out for now.....

Disappearing Sports Teams

There are several professional sports teams in trouble.
Yup, most of the reasons center around not being able to fill the seats in the stadium...... or having a crappy stadium that handicaps the team in one way or another.

10 Sports Franchises Likely to Disappear
According to the author of this article, these 10 pro sports franchises are on the "most endangered" list: Columbus Blue Jackets (NHL) Charlotte Bobcats (NBA) Tampa Bay Rays (MLB) Milwaukee Bucks (NBA) Buffalo Bills (NFL) Florida Panthers (NHL) Oakland A's (MLB) Phoenix Coyotes (NHL) Jacksonville Jaguars  (NFL) Oakland Raiders (NFL)

What do I notice? - pretty even split between leagues (maybe he did this on purpose?): 3 football, 3 hockey, 2 baseball, 2 basketball - the 3 hockey teams on the list are in places where ice arenas seem a little out of place - no teams from "the heartland".... unless you consider Wisconsin or Ohio as part of "th…

Picture 9/19: Shoreline

September 19(picture 262 of 365)
After work, I headed to Nelson Park to pick-up our race stuff for the Shoreline Classic 5K this weekend.

And the shirts this year (not pictured) are very, very cool.
Hope the nice weather forecast for Sunday holds out.
And I hope my knee does too.
Out for now.....

Picture 9/18: Candy Corn Treat

September 18(picture 261 of 365)
The lovely Mrs. Honnold always mixes up a batch or 2 of this stuff every fall:

That's batch #1 of 2014 that you're looking at.
It's a very complicated recipe: - add candy corn - add peanuts - shake together
The resulting concoction.... delicious concoction.... tastes somewhat like a Baby Ruth candy bar.
I've never been a huge fan of candy corn, but I could eat a whaleload of this stuff.
Plus, with protein (peanuts) and vegetables (corn), it has to be quite healthy, right??
Out for now.....


A few weeks back Pastor Wayne* used something called the "Holmes-Rahe Stress Scale" as an illustration in his message.
I hadn't ever heard of this thing, so I thought I'd post it (the Scale) here so that it's permanently recorded in the annals of MattChat.
Take a look at the chart below.

Basically, the higher that an event/happening/occurrence is on the Scale, the more stressful that it is.
For example, being thrown in jail is a 63 out of 100.
Being canned at work is a 47.
Taking out a mortgage is a 32.
Going on vacation is a 13.
What??  I thought vacations were stress-free??!!??  HA   Dealing with some of those hotel clerks can be a real chore!
Take a look -- and see how many high-stress events you've survived.
Out for now.....

* Pastor Wayne Kent, First Christian Church, Decatur Illinois

Life eventLife change unitsDeath of a spouse100Divorce73Marital separation65Imprisonment63Death of a close family member63Personal injury or illness53Marriage50